ZenUML End User License Agreement

Effective date: April 05, 2019

Last updated: April 05, 2019

Can I use the application commercially?

Yes. Feel free to use it commercially as long as it is a fair use. It is a fair use as long as it is not an intentional attack to the site. To be clear,

1. All the code (ZenUML DSL and CSS) written by you is owned by you (and/or your organisation); they will be stored locally to your browser, and in the cloud on firebase if you choose to log in.

2. All the generated images from your code are owned by you (and/or your organisation); they are exported to your device and not stored anywhere within the application.

3. All content generated by you before is owned by you (and/or your organisation).

4. ZenUML has the right to terminate its service. We will publish a notice on this site 1 month before the end date. We do not intend to do so at anytime soon.

What if I have concerns of my data?

We have privacy policy that describes how your data is stored and processed. You may also would like to use one of the following approaches:

1. Host it by yourself. The code for the site is released under MIT license on GitHub (https://github.com/ZenUml/web-sequence). If you need any help, please let me know.

2. Use the confluence plugin. This tool stores all the content you created within the Confluence pages.

3. Build your own solution. Here is an example - https://codesandbox.io/s/5v4v78w1wk . It is using the same library as our site and other applications.